Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Topic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Room Bathroom

Thinking of installing a wet room but unsure if it will work or not, Edinburgh Wet rooms expert is here to enlighten you on the benefits of wet rooms. Today, wet rooms are becoming more desirable and serve as a way to increase the value of a home. Nevertheless, homeowners don’t know much about designing a wet room.

There is so much that gets into a wet room; you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of having a wet room. With this, you can decide if your home deserves a wet room. If you don’t know what wet rooms are, then let’s get to the basics.

Wet Room Bathroom

A wet room bathroom is a bathroom with a shower, which is not enclosed with either a shower tray or shower screen. The shower water drains through an open tiled floor in the room and before draining into the bathroom. 

Advantages of Wet Room Bathroom

There are several reasons you need a wet room bathroom in your home for both homeowners and renovators. Edinburgh wet rooms know the primary reason most people opt for a wet room style bathroom is to do away with the traditional glass shower screens, which are difficult to clean.

Furthermore, a wet room bathroom’s openness makes it look bigger; this can increase your home’s value because bathrooms with space are the new trend. Research shows that property buyers enlist space as a critical factor in buying a property. Therefore, if your bathroom is smaller, then a wet room bathroom is what you need.

Another significant benefit is that it comes with extra tanking, which lasts longer as it provides additional protection to your bathroom. A standard bathroom comes with a tanked shower; however, a wet room bathroom comes with waterproofing to protect your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Wet Room Bathroom

Edinburgh wet rooms identify the major disadvantage of a wet room bathroom to be that everything can get wet. If the bathroom is within a humid environment, you need to consider how guests would use it, especially if people regularly visit your home. 

For instance, when a guest uses a wet room bathroom, the only way to wash their hands is by walking through the wet bathroom. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you need to section your bathroom using a single screen. Alternatively, you can install a powder room while keeping the bathroom for your personal use.

Furthermore, building a wet room is quite expensive because you need to tile from the wall to the ceiling. Additionally, you need to waterproof the area, which might require you to consult a local authority. Notwithstanding, Edinburgh Wet rooms have experienced professionals to install your wet room without causing any damage to your home.

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