Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Learn and Enjoy the Adventurous japan student tours

Students do not prefer the boring classroom study concepts nowadays. As the young adults are learning about the importance of practical education, the schools and colleges are arranging for educational trips in domestic and international locations. With its vibrant cultural traditions, modern technological advancements, and architecture, Japan makes it the ideal for learning. The educational tours and japan student tours provide the opportunity to the students to explore the unique balance of traditional and modern cultures in the same country. It is not only about learning new things and capturing some breath-taking moments in your eyes, but also about creating memories forever. 

Robotics in Japan

Japan is the country of Artificial Intelligence. You will come across some of the best human-like robots, and the students will never stop appreciating the advanced robotic technology. The country offers several interesting educational programs suitable for engineering and technology students. The tour starts with a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. On the second day, you can get the chance to visit Tsukuba Science city, KEK, Cyberdyne, Tsukumo Robot Kingdom, and Akihabara. On the next day, you can cover the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Odaiba Waterfront, RiSuPia at the Panasonic Centre, Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge, and Sumida River Cruise. 

City of science

You will get to witness some of the unbelievable advancements in technology at the Tsukuba Science City. The design of the zone is all set to inspire scientific discoveries in different aspects lie biological, agricultural, or engineering. On visiting the labs of Cyberdyne, you can see the development process of the robotic limbs. On visiting KEK, you will be surprised to see the organizational nature of the research organization for high-energy accelerators. Science Square Tsukuba is one of the biggest organizations which focus on the use of technologies 

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