Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Tips for playing Tembak Ikan Online

The Tembak Ikan Online has attracted millions of people over the internet. It has a stunning graphical user interface along with an engaging gaming experience.

All of the online gambling websites keep the Tembak Ikan Online game updated and add a lot of bonuses due to its popularity. Many smart players use this to their advantage to earn a lot of money by winning a lot of points.

The Tembak Ikan Online game is a great source of entertainment for people to win money without relying on luck and is a 100% skill-based game.

That means one needs to apply their skills, tactics, and strategies to win the Tembak Ikan Online game. This article is written to help the player in the tips area and help them earn more from the game. The tips include:

  • Shooting enough bullets with friends:

If one is low on bullets or budget in general, they can play with their friends to split the bullets. The Tembak Ikan Online is a four-player game. Therefore one can call their friends and kill fishes. 

If one is trying to win the Tembak Ikan Online game without much money, it is the best strategy, although the winning might be split between the friends.

  • Try to cover all the fishes:

Another great tactic to win a lot of coins in the Tembak Ikan Online game is to kill all the fishes. Although this tactic is for players who have confidence in their skills and is sure that they won’t waste any bullets.

One can target all the fishes in the game and kill them all. It is like going crazy on the keyboard but with high returns.

  • Use the walls to the advantage:

The Tembak Ikan Online game has unique features. Its walls are bouncy and can bounce a missed bullet back.

One can use this to their advantage and try to shoot the walls. The walls will bounce back the bullet, and one can fire another one so that the fish is hit from both sides.

  • Apply proficient shooting:

If one sees a big fish doesn’t mean that one has to shoot down. He/she needs to think about how many bullets they have left, is their skill level good enough. 

Try to kill many small fishes rather than wasting many bullets just on killing one big fish.

  • Calculate the speed of fishes:

Calculating the speed of the fish is the most ignored fact in the Tembak Ikan Online games. Although, many people do it subconsciously. 

One needs to analyze the speed of the fish before firing the bullets. Aim for the place it will be in 2 seconds so the bullet will hit it accurately.

  • Try to set the average firing rate to low:

Many gamblers are impulsive. They keep on bombarding the fishes with bullets even when they are not hitting. It is a waste of money and bullets. 

Therefore it is advisable, in the game of Tembak Ikan Online, one must try to hit the fish when he/she is sure it’ll hit it.

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