Tuesday, 22 Jun 2021

An overview of the keto and Catkin diet

If some of the most popular low-carb diets are ranked, both the Keto and Catkin diet can be neck and neck.  There is great need to know that both diets are responsible for following carbohydrate restriction it does not mean that about cutting back on the bad-for-you carbs, but the doughnuts, cupcakes, and cookies as well as even things such as fruit and some veggies. There is great need to know that limitation of carbs in these diets need to puts the body in the state of ketosis that means the body turns the fat for fuel when the glucose stores are depleted. It is fascinating to know that ketosis plays an essential role in each of the diets. However, these diets are different ways that may affect how sustainable the diet is in the long run. Let’s have an overview of both diets.

How does Atkins diet work?

Firstly, there is great need to know that the Atkins diet was developed in 1972 and the diet is popular since now. However, the original version of the diet has four phases. There is great need to know that the introductory phase of the diet kicks it off with duet to most restrictive rules. Bear in mind that both protein and fat are fair game on Atkins. However, intake of dietary carbs is strictly limited to 20 and 25 grams (g) during the introductory phase. You can take these carbohydrates from nuts, veggies, cheese and seeds. There is great need to know that having only this amount of carbohydrates may result in the body going into ketosis. There is a great need to stay in this phase until you are about 15 pounds away from goal weight. If you want to know more about Keto and ketosis, read it here.

An overview of the ketogenic diet

Keep in consideration that there are several moving parts with Atkins and its four phases. On the flip side, a well-balanced keto diet is responsible for promotes one way of eating for the entirety of the diet. You will cut your carbs down to, and more than seventy-five per cent of remaining calories must come from fat as well as 20 per cent from protein. By following this eating pattern, you will enter into the state of ketosis. You can monitor them by keto urine strips too.

Similarities between the Keto and the Atkins diet

There is a common question, can we lose weight on a low-carb diet like these? Yes, you will, if you follow them strictly. First of all, you will be able to lose water weight in the beginning because carbohydrates retain water. According to the recent scientific studies, it has also been found the people who followed the Atkins diet lost a modest amount of weight, and some of the weight was regained by the end of the year too.

Along with this, there is no need to count the calories on Atkins or Keto diet, and you do require to track the number of carbs. On Keto vs Atkins diet differences, there is also a need to make sure you are hitting the right number of calories coming from fat and protein sources.

One of the key differences between the keto diet and Atkins is known as the amount of protein you are allowed to take in.  bear in mind that there is no cap on Atkins, but Keto limits protein to about 20 per cent of daily calories.

Moreover, another big difference is, keto centres on your body being in ketosis and ketosis plays an essential role during phase one and possibly two of Atkins. However, on Atkins, you reintroduce carbs, but on a ketogenic diet, carbs are always limited from your diet.

It means that the Atkins diet can be more sustainable in the long run. The reason is, this diet is not as restrictive and doesn’t need you to make sure the body remains in ketosis. You can also opt for some healthy snacks that are restricted in the keto diet plan.

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