Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020

Which Japanese Food Items You Shouldn’t Miss

Japanese cuisine is one of the most exotic, healthy, and delicious in the world. While almost everyone has eaten dishes like wasabi and ramen noodles, some other famous dishes deserve similar levels of praise. These dishes are delectable, filling, and healthy. Most Japanese cooks prepare their meals with the motto – ‘you are what you eat.’ Hence, expect to find a ton of nutrients in each dish. Each region of the country has its set of delicacies. However, wherever you go, you’ll find the traditional dish of Sushi. Sushi chefs are extremely trained. You can also get vegetarian Sushi, or fruit sushi dishes with vinegar-laced rice in many restaurants. Don’t forget to read about the customs of eating Sushi before you visit a traditional sushi restaurant.

Stomach-Filling Dishes – Omu-Raisu and Udon

Omu-Raisu translates to “Omelet Rice.” The dish is extremely filling. It consists of rice flavored with sauces, and it comes in an omelet wrap. This popular Japanese food item is loved by people of all ages and is easily available in most restaurants. Udon is somewhat similar to ramen noodles. Udon is thicker and comes in a broth. It has a light soothing taste. Udon can be served both cold and hot. Cold Udon has the status of being a separate dish called ‘TsumetaiUdon.’ It is an ideal summer food for people who spend their days underneath the scorching sun.

The Perfect Side Dish – Tempura 

Tempura is the best side dish in Japanese cuisine. It is light, crispy, and delicious. Don’t make the mistake of eating too much Tempura as you may lose your appetite for the main course meal. It is served with vegetables and a variety of deep-fried seafood items. However, there’s more to Japanese cuisine than these few dishes. Make sure to explore and experiment on your trip to this unique country!

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