Monday, 18 Jan 2021

What are the servo motor and its uses?

In very simple words servo motor gives precise control in angular position, acceleration, and velocity. That a normal motor can’t give to the machines. And, precise control in positioning is always required for the machines. If the machine is going to cut a thick piece of sheet metal. Then it requires positioning and all. So, that it can cut according to the command that is set by the operator. And, if there is no rotary motor is attached to the machine. Then no matter how much the operator set the command. The machine will not be going to cut the sheet according to command.

Because it doesn’t have control over the cutting part of the machine. And, in almost every cutting machine that is available nowadays has advanced servo motor in it. Which performs very well and eliminated all the drawbacks that the older servo motor had in it.

Use the advanced version of servo motors

Technology has evolved a lot and it is evolving day by day. And, it also evolved in the servo motor. Now, there are many advanced versions of servo motors are available in the market. That can perform way better than the convention servo motor. For example, the MELSERVO-J5 series has greater connectivity, usability, and progressiveness. The new motors can match the requirements of giving low speed and high torque. Also, they come with 4 types of different frames. Many other features come with it. Like the motors now come with a one-touch lock which was never there in the older versions.

Places in which the rotary motor can be replaced

 There are many places in which rotary motors were used. Like surveillance cameras, robots, conveyor belt, solar tracking system, and many more. So, with the help of the new advanced rotary motor, these are some of the places in which it can be replaced.

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