Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Top Destinations To Include In Japan Summer Tours

The summer months in Japan can be really hot with temperature reaching to mid-30s. However, it is the humidity factor that will make it feel like high 40s. The summer season in Japan starts from June and lasts till August, which is considered to be the hottest month. Add to this, the crowds and the walking may make you wonder whether it is the right time to visit. Well, if you carry the right things and keep you hydrated then planning for Japan summer tours may prove to be good. There are lots of top destinations to visit during these hot months in Japan.

Time for festivals

Most of the people visit Japan during the summer months for the festivals and fireworks. However, you will also get to see some lush green scenery. The seasonal flavor will also add to your temptation to visit this country during the summer months. This is apart from the pleasure of climbing the iconic Mount Fuji which typically lasts beyond summer starting from early July till mid-September. As for the festivals and fireworks you can visit the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto during 17th and 24th July. Visit Hiroshima to see the beautiful floating shrines of Miyajima along with some spectacular fireworks in mid-August or the Nebuta Matsuri festival in Aomori to see some wonderful handmade floats in early August.

Love the natural beauty

If you love nature, then summer months in Hokkaido is the best time to visit. Usually this northern most main island of Japan is covered in snow for most of the months but during the summer months nature shows its true color and picture. The natural and rural spots will look absolutely stunning with lots of wildlife and birds chirping. You may also visit the vividly green forest of Nikko combined with waterfalls, rivers and rice crops. 

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