Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

Top Classic Car Restoration Dos And Don’ts

For many enthusiasts, restoring a classic car is a way to breathe new life into a piece of automotive history. Once your restoration project is complete, you will feel asense of accomplishment, pride, and joy.To experience these feelings, however, you must first have a successful restoration and to do that, you will need to follow our classic car restoration dos and don’ts.

Classic Car Restoration Dos

Read The Owner’s Manual- no matter how long you have owned your car, it’s always a good idea to read the owner’s manual. You just might learn something new about your car that you were previously unaware of.

Use Existing Parts That Can Still Be Salvaged Or Repaired- when restoring a classic car, you don’t have to replace each and every piece. By reusing the current parts, you can save some money on this project.

Update Some Car Parts And Equipment- although you can (and should) use existing parts, you should know which ones have to be replaced and which ones should be upgraded with better than stock parts.

Classic Car Restoration Don’ts

Don’tSkip The Mock-Up- performing a mock-up is a crucial step in any successful classic car restoration. This involves pre-fitting and gapping all body panels while they are in raw steel or primer before doing any finish work and paint job to ensure they all fit.

Don’tStick To Old Engine Technology- for a more reliable and safer driving experience, be sure to replace some components with newer, better versions.

Don’tOverlook Tiny Details- small details, such as getting the right door-lock button for your car, will boost your classic car’s appeal.By paying attention to thesmall details, you will bring your restored classic car up to an entirely different level.

Don’tSet A Low Budget- classic car restorations are expensive and you have to be sure you can afford it before committing to it.Try not to set a low budget for your classic car restoration project.Therewill always be additional, unexpected costs that come up during the project and you have to be prepared for these expenses and include them in your budget.

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