Monday, 1 Mar 2021

Three Straightforward Reasons Why Going Solar In Oregon Is A Great Idea

Oregon may not be the first place you’d consider when drawing up a list of the best states for solar energy panels. Yet Oregon is one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets across the country and not without good reason. The Oregon weather lends itself very well towards energy generation with a good amount of sunlight (you don’t need blazing heat!) and reasonably consistent average temperatures. The state is also rightly regarded as one of the most ‘solar-friendly’ in the country with excellent solar rebates, property tax exemptions, tax credits, and good potential for those looking to install net metering. Combine these with the existing Federal solar energy incentives – and remember these will be expiring in the coming years – and you can see why investing in Oregon solar power is a fantastic choice here.

1) Oregon Enjoys Good Weather For Solar Energy Generation

Sure – Oregon is famous for its rainfall – but remember that your solar panels will still continue to generate electricity even during those less than perfect days. During the summer months, there are days of consistent sunshine that really can run from dawn until dusk. These months, in particular, are superb if you are looking to include a battery storage system to retain unused electricity, or alternatively install net metering (NEM) to earn rebates on your electricity bill by selling excess production back to the grid. Cooler weather certainly does not make for less efficient solar power generation. Many panels actually work very well in less hot/humid conditions, especially those attached to the roofs of residential properties that tend to not allow for much air circulation.

2) Use NEM To Your Advantage

 Oregon is aiming to become 25% dependent on renewable energy by 2025 – and promoting solar energy within both residential and commercial settings is at the heart of this ambition. While grid energy costs are pretty reasonable compared to other parts of the country there are still significant savings to be made by installing your own panels, especially if they include net metering. Net metering policies vary between states but those in Oregon are among the fairest in the country. You’ll be credited for the energy you provide back to the grid at the same price that you’d pay. In a nutshell, you’ll still receive the dollar value of the electricity you produce during less bountiful times of the year when you need to supplement your panels with grid energy. For anyone looking to make realistic and attainable savings on their energy bills, Oregon is simply one of the best places to do so.

3) You Can Offset A Significant Proportion Of Your Investment

Anyone considering a residential or commercial solar energy installation in Oregon needs to do two things. Firstly, to research their entitlement to rebates, discounts, and incentives. Secondly, they need to act fast to capitalize on the Federal incentives that currently cover between 25-35% of the first solar installation. You’ll need to weigh up the figures to calculate what the timeframe is to enjoy a return on your investment. It is not particularly rare for people to offset up to 80% of their initial solar installation costs in Oregon providing they make use of all the available options carefully. That kind of cost reduction is not only good for the bank balance but means you’ll reach that ROI threshold much sooner. You could quite realistically manage to own your installation outright within ten years or sooner – and with modern panels are guaranteed to last for 25 years+ that makes for quite an amazing long term investment.

Final Thoughts

Solar is extremely popular in Oregon at the moment and that’s not just because of the state’s very strong green credentials. People are realizing not only that it is important to care about our carbon emissions and energy efficiency, but also that they can generate power themselves that can be returned back to the grid for further use. The fact that they’ll enjoy a dollar/dollar value for their energy helps to massively offset the costs of powering a property during those parts of the year with shorter days and darker clouds. Oregon is a fantastic place for anyone looking to go solar at the moment – so remember to act fast to make the most of those generous local and Federal incentives.

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