Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

The Top Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

California is mostly known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. In places like Huntington Beach, people like to walk and stroll around their neighborhoods. Some even prefer riding a bike to engage in some sort of exercise for their body. However, walking is not always the safest option. Seventy thousand pedestrians get injured each year, leading to people asking for help from Abogados de dañospersonales Huntington Beach.

Drivers are indeed responsible for the way they drive and control their vehicles, but most of the time, pedestrian accidents are caused by the pedestrians themselves. One of the main reasons these accidents happen is the improper use of roads. Pedestrians should know when to be on the road and when to stay on the sidewalks. Unmarked crosswalks are also a big contributor to this dilemma. Clearly marked crosswalks are important for drivers to know when to give way to pedestrians.

Left turns cause three times more pedestrian accidents than right turns because drivers tend to look at the intersection to see if there are other cars while people are looking forward. Lastly, people in our generation tend to be focused on their electronic devices and phones rather than where they are going. The no texting rule should not only be implemented for drivers, but for pedestrians on sidewalks as well.

These are some of the reasons why pedestrian accidents occur. If you or someone you know ever gets involved in an accident, Avrek’s Abogados de accidentes de trabajo San Clemente can always lend a hand.

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