Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020

Mistakes to Avoid before Writing Your CV

There are stories of job searches that start badly even before writing the curriculum vitae and the cover letter. Some candidates apply for positions when they are not ready yet to start a new professional experience. All of us want to earn money every month but you might have to waste time on seeking a job if you do not take the following parameters into account.

Applying for a Position before the End of “Mourning” the Previous Job

Just because you recently lost your job does not mean that you do not have a little time to lose. Job seekers often tend to embark on their efforts without having mourned their former professional life. But those phantom candidates are only shadows of themselves in the job search market. It is advisable to give yourself some time to think before writing or updating your CV. It’s better to take the necessary time to rebuild yourself if you have been injured by sports, hobbies or volunteering to get your head clear. This is also the time to ask yourself what you can do or not, and especially what you want to do or not, possibly with the help of a professional. This “lost” time to rebuild yourself before you apply for a new job will be saved time afterwards in your research! Once you feel you are ready to work again, you can make a CV here.

Not Knowing the Right Keywords to Put in a CV

Before writing a resume, you must master certain codes. Whether you are looking for your first position or have not looked for a job for a long time, you must be able to speak the language of the recruiters. It means using the words they want and most of all need to read or hear. For that purpose, the best thing to do is carefully reading the announcements of the sector you are targeting before creating or updating you CV. It is a matter of knowing which competences are the most in demand in order to highlight them in your application, if you have them of course. And some software may even make it easier for some job seekers. The idea is to intelligently use the lexicon used in an ad. To decrypt it, a software like Wordle is a great tool that generates clouds of keywords. It allows you to copy the text of an ad and counts the occurrences of words. Then, integrate it into your application.

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