Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

Matthew Davies Looks at Things to Add to Scrambled Eggs to Make Them Better


Eggs are a truly versatile food ingredient available to mankind. You can fry them, poach them, boil them, or even bake them. According to Matthew Davies, one of the easiest ways to cook eggs is to scramble them. However, regular salt and pepper keep your scrambled eggs boring and quite mundane. Here are a few things you can add to your scrambled eggs to make them better:

The Add-ins

  1. Chopped Veggies – Everyone loves a colorful omelet with veggies and scallions. There’s no reason you can’t do that with your scrambled eggs, and it adds a lot of nutritional value to the dish. If you are short on time, try to avoid veggies like carrots that take longer to cook. Instead, you can add some bell peppers of different colors and onions to your scrambled eggs. 

  1. Cream Cheese – If you like your eggs with a creamy texture, adding milk-based products rich in fat gets the job done. Cream cheese is one such ingredient you can add to your scrambled eggs. You can also try flavored cream cheese to add in more flavor. 

  1. Yogurt – Another milk-based product that increases the creaminess of your scrambled eggs and also adds quite a punch of tang to it. However, you have to be careful to get that ratio right. A bit less than the perfect ratio works fine, but don’t add too much yogurt if you don’t want to eat “sludgy” and “gloppy” eggs. 

  1. Sautéed Spinach – Adding this ingredient to your scrambled eggs would result in a fulfilling, healthy, and hassle-free breakfast. It is easy to do and takes a few minutes to cook. After you lightly sauté some spinach in a pan, pour your egg mixture inside and scramble everything up to get the texture you need. 

  1. More cheese never hurts – Cheesy scrambled eggs or adding cheese to your eggs isn’t anything new. However, have you tried mixing up different types of cheese to your scrambled eggs instead of sticking with one? Try to add different types of cheese that go well without overpowering the dish. You can take a bit of inspiration from pizza makers. They add a great combination of cheese that goes well together. 

  1. Salsa – If you want your scrambled eggs to have a kick, adding salsa is an easy way to do so. You can add them to the egg mixture while they are cooking or after you have brought down the scrambled eggs on a plate. 

  1. Fresh Herbs – Fresh herbs rarely go wrong when added to any dish. You can try anything from rosemary and thyme to the humble dill. Finely chop up the herbs and add them in your egg mixture before pouring the whole thing on to a pan.


Matthew Davies believes that there are a ton of other ways to make your scrambled eggs interesting and more flavorful. Everything from bacon and kimchi to quinoa and even pesto. During this period, you have all the time to cook and experiment.

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