Monday, 18 Jan 2021

Mark Roemer Provides You with The Top App for Data Scientists


Data is the new oil, gold, or the most lucrative currency that will define this century. The government wants it, big corporations want it, and the data scientists working for them need it. According to Mark Roemer, data scientists use algorithms and other resources to figure out patterns and collect insights from large datasets. If you are a data scientist, the following apps may help you in many ways:

The Apps

  1. Qpython – Qpython is a mobile app that would be cherished by data scientists. When you are commuting or traveling in transport options that have limited space, a laptop or notebook may not be the best option to try out a few lines of code. Qpython helps you out in such situations and gets you out of a pinch when you are in a hurry. The app is really useful for beginners and has a Python engine powerful enough to handle complex logical jobs without stressing out your phone too much. If you are in a hurry you can also transfer your code from PC and run it on your phone with this app while you are on your way to work. Check out data scientist course in Hyderabad to know more.
  1. MOOC apps – For a data scientist, learning is a continuous process due to the rapid development of technologies and new trends in their field of work. Through the vast array of MOOC apps, data scientists can get insights and information from some of the best faculties in the world. The courses offered by MOOCs University are vast and diverse and you can access the course material right from the apps. 
  1. Coursera – Coursera is a popular learning platform that gives you access to thousands of free courses and a significant number of paid courses as well. The courses are developed by several renowned colleges and universities across the world and contain names of Ivy League schools as well. With the app, you can add to your knowledge bank anytime you want without any restrictions. 
  1. Basic Statistics – Data scientists who are starting out their careers would benefit significantly from this app. While development and programming are crucial, basic statistics are often ignored and come to bite you back in a future project or assignment. This app helps you rekindle your knowledge about graphs, charts, frequency distribution, and hypotheses. Your foundations of data science can never be strong without statistics at the core. 
  1. Lumosity – Lumosity is an app that helps you improve yourself with games and special brain training programs. The games in this app will definitely challenge the way you think and make you question and adapt your core reasoning accordingly. It also recommends activities depending on your past performance. Expect more activities in perspectives where you have performed poorly or need improvement. 


Mark Roemer suggests that even if you aren’t a data scientist you may want to take a look at these apps for their general usefulness. Data science is one of the highest paying jobs in the current economy and these apps may ignite your interest in the field. Click here to apply for data scientist course in Bangalore.


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