Tuesday, 22 Jun 2021

How to Save Money on Industrial Flooring

Are you tired of having to close up shop for repairs and maintenance work on your concrete floor? Not to mention the continuous spending on something which just simply isn’t reliable. It sounds like you need a better industrial flooring solution.

Epoxy resin or polyurethane can provide your industrial space with an extremely durable and resistant floor finish – it’s no wonder it has become increasingly popular over the last decade. This can be applied over concrete to complete your flooring solution; one which is fully customisable, includes many desirable properties and requires little maintenance. This makes it so versatile, favoured by businesses across many different industries.

A wide range of finishes are available with resin flooring; you can choose from a range of pretty much every colour you can possibly imagine, and you can even go the extra mile and get decorative systems.

If you want to stop spending on a floor which isn’t up to scratch, then it is suggested to look into resin flooring systems. Here are ways that they can save you money for your industrial business:

Lower maintenance costs


Due to resin flooring being incredibly durable, more so than a concrete floor, it takes a much longer time to deteriorate. They can last well over 10 years without needing a call out for repairs.

In this time, they will be able to withstand heavy pressures from machinery and traffic such as forklifts without any tearing or splitting. They will also not become damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals. Overall, they’re so hardy that you won’t be dipping into funds to get them repaired very often, if at all!

Lowing the risk of accidents

With resin floors, you will have the option of adding an anti-slip aggregate into the final layer. This is to provide a safe surface food foot traffic around spillages and moisture – so it’s worth getting if your workplace is prone to this.

This will lower the chance of any accidents and increase the productivity of your staff. Saving you money in the long-run.

Increased efficiency

Resin flooring can also be used as a means of way-marking within a building. Creating demarcations, work areas, and safe zones will benefit the workflow and safeguard guests. This signage will be included with your flooring cost, so you won’t have to find and order any additional stickers.

Lower installation downtime

A fresh concrete floor can take up to 28 days to fully set, having a huge impact on operations. Thankfully, resin flooring takes around 48 hours at an absolute maximum, you can even find fast curing resins which take as little as a few hours. Faster drying floors means getting back to it sooner, reducing loss.

When having a resin floor installed, you should choose to call in a professional rather than attempting a DIY job with your staff. A professional will have all the appropriate tools to correctly prepare the substrate (concrete) and get the job done correctly. This is key to having a long-lasting and cost-effective industrial flooring solution.

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