Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020

How to Check if your Swiss Watch is Authentic?

The last thing you want to do is certainly to shell out several hundreds or even thousands of dollars to realize later that you bought a completely worthless fake watch. The thought that people are being scammed, that their hard-earned money goes to scammers who supply the counterfeit market is scary and revolting. Avoid that kind of problem by following our tips of checking if your Swiss watch is really a Swiss watch.

The Most Frequent Mistakes on Swiss Watches

You would be surprised to see how easy is it to spot fake watches. Obvious mistakes made by manufacturers are the easiest to identify. It could be spelling mistakes or there could be differences in the design of the watch. For example, many fake Rolex watches have a clear case, when in fact only a few Rolex models have a clear case. It can be an incorrect font or incorrect spacing between letters. Authentic Swiss watches are perfectly designed, there are absolutely no errors. A small spacing error in the model brand means that it is a fake watch.

Request a Certificate of Authenticity for the Swiss Watch

Buying such a luxury watch is not like buying a quartz watch. This kind of timepiece is undeniably prestigious enough to be accompanied by papers. Therefore, make sure to ask your seller for the authenticity certificate. Not only will this tell you that your watch is genuine and of the best quality, it will also prove the authenticity to the next buyer if you plan to resell it in the future. Thanks to this document, you will be able to find a purchaser more easily. To be sure to have a certificate of authenticity for your Swiss watch, we recommend to buy it on  https://louischevrolet.com/en/.

Choose a Reliable Swiss Watch Seller

Who is selling the watch? This answer to this question is important because a retailer who mainly sells gadgets, used games, mobile phones and used watches is a risk, for example. They are unlikely to have experience with the luxury watch market, even if they wanted to, they probably cannot advise you. Individual sellers are also risky, it could be difficult to find information about them online. You can search for information on past sales, learn about them, etc. Do not be afraid to check the person you are dealing with. To avoid any problem with your Swiss watch authenticity, prefer purchasing it at reliable stores like Louis Chevrolet.

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