Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020

How Does Elo Boosting Work

ELO boosting involves elo boosters playing on accounts until the desired position is reached. If you ever wondered how Elo boosting work strives to bring accounts ranking high on the league, and how pro players win games, then this post is recommended for you 

Creep Slain (or CS) is their Strength

For performance improvement, one has to aim at this league mechanic improvement. Tricks such as combating an enemy that plans to kill a minion, allowing him to attack, using free damage to lose or get minion. They zone during a lead by halting lane, which ultimately stops pushing lane back to the enemy side. 

They Avoid Getting Free Damage

If HP is lost, you risk losing the ability to CS appropriately; meanwhile, HP can be lost during CS. To know how to strike a balance between minion slaying and lane changes against the enemy, it takes experience and time.

They Understand Snowball

When they get an advantage, elo boosters keep steady pressure on the opponent team, and this benefits the entire team. Their effect transcends more than the only lane they belong to. When they are on the top lane, the pressure they keep compel the enemy jungler to babysit their lanes. Elo boosters are often capable of fighting off two opponents at a time. Boosters often find constant roaming as a tool to affect other lanes and win the game. 

They are often Influential Leaders

Elo boosters fully understand what the game requires. They make the right decisions for their teams, such as when to trap, engage, or retreat, when to rush Dragon or Baron Nashor. Understanding the game process often causes a team to win.

So there you have it, this information should be helpful for people wondering how elo boost works.

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