Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

Follow the charts and signs to know your lucky numbers

If you enter the satta matka market, you will find an avalanche of tags and lineups. For draws like Ratan, Milan, Kalyan, Mahalaxmi, Dubai, Night Bazar, and Golden Super Day and Golden Super Night, there are different starlines. Check the time and result in each session. The sites keep giving updates after each draw. For example, 9.15 am may show 690-7 results and the same draw may show 400-0 or nothing in the 11am-2.15am span.

Patience is a virtue

For every satta player, patience and anticipation are two most pivotal things. You may not get any results from 3pm till 9pm and that’s absolutely okay. It’s gambling after all. There’s no science or art working here. The same mechanism applies to Milan Starline. Draws start from early morning at 9am and continue till 2.30 pm. The first two sessions may show results or standings. The rest might be in hooks.

The keys to start

If you want to enter the fascinating world of matka, you first need to login to a dedicated market/site or portal. Next step is to register yourself. Check crucial statistics like passing record, weekly penal, Jodi tags, open-to-close gaps, and the number of passes Jodi has given. For instance, a Time Bazar Jodi can end in 68 passes. There could be other close panna passes. Milan Day open panna could be 255 passes. Milan Day Jodi could cross 20 passes and Rajdhani Jodi could end with zero passes.

If you’re into Kalyan Fix, don’t fret if the fix, open and close Pannas vary. They could be 380, 350 and 14 respectively. That’s how number games are. A Milan night may open for 356 passes with options for open panna and paid VIP passes. Same goes for Main Ratan Fix jodi and Rajdhani night fix open panna.

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