Monday, 1 Mar 2021

5 ways to feature the Finn Juhl Chair in your homes

The incredibly sculptural form of the Finn Juhl Chair is unique and highly distinct. It exudes sheer elegance and charisma. While many homeowners love its stunning presence, they also find it challenging to use it in their home layout. So below, let’s take a look at 5 ways you can feature this chair in your homes:

  1. Gorgeous office accessory


The Finn Juhl Chair is absolutely stylistic, but it never compromises its comfort. This makes it a great addition to home offices. It could either be used as an accent piece, or arranged as a pair within the layout so that whenever you have guests or clients, you can entertain them without any hassle at all!

  1. Paired in the transitional area


Whether it’s a lobby or an oversized foyer or even a large corridor, you can definitely feature a pair of Finn Juhl Chairs in these transitional spaces to provide a functional aspect. Make sure that the pair is matching and is put side by side. The close proximity will ensure great visual appeal, and you can design the backdrop to complement the presence of the chairs. You could wainscot the background, or you could put oversized artwork on top of them. Similarly, a good light fixture can also make excellent accompaniment.

  1. Your empty nook


Any empty nook throughout your home can be made fully functional and aesthetically pleasing by featuring the Finn Juhl Chair in it. Note that it doesn’t have to be an actual corner. It can be any empty space in any zone throughout your home interior. Even if you’ve got a bald space in the middle of your living room, just using this chair as an accent piece there can solve all of your problems immediately!

  1. Opposite the couch


If you’ve got a medium-sized living room where you can only place a single-bench sofa, then the Finn Juhl Chair can become your salvation. Instead of investing in oversized, heavy-set armchairs that will only hinder your layout, you can get a pair of these chairs and place them directly opposite to the couch. They will provide the best lounging experience while also complementing the dimensions of your space. You can also personalize the upholstery choice to complement your overall interior design theme.

  1. Creating a nook


The artistic form of the Finn Juhl Chair is always a pleasure to look at, which is why it would make an excellent standalone piece in a functional nook or alcove in your home. In fact, you can easily create a nice relaxing space in your home office or a great reading nook in your bedroom with it. All you have to do is pair the chair up with a complementing end table and a tall floor lamp. Place all of them on a beautiful area rug, and you’ll have yourself a great little nook!

You’ll love how these ideas will help your enliven and enrich your home by using the Finn Juhl Chair!

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